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my name is ilyana and, level 5 ruined my life.
twewy, layton, skullgirls, ygo, toontown, south park, ff9, dark cloud, xiaolin showdown, etc

brb changing the future and stuff 8)


brb changing the future and stuff 8)

also merrilee/fem!protag….. nice…

im actually getting sad over the plot of an mmo this iS A FIRST


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do u ever go into the wrong server and have a heart attack like WHERES MY CHARACTER bc i do that w/ every mmo imaginable

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i literally finally downloaded steam just so i could play aura kingdom frickn destroy me

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randyshoobingham said: 

it’ll be me, kiri, and you.


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hurrahforskeleton said: 

woah do you want a partner.. i have ak

im rly bad at playing games online with people tbh my anxiety just gets… soo bad. so ill pass for now especially since i just stared out last nigh but yea maybe we can play 2gether sometime uvu

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u know, the first time i saw tharja in fea my first thought was like. thats older!witch au arianna barde esp if luke and layton never disproved that whole thing. shed just dye her hair black and be like. ok tony come here so i can practice curses on you. 

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ok seeya nerds im gonna go play aura kingdom because its cute and actually has a story that im invested in like. are here even any other mmos like that wtf

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