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my name is ilyana and if you're here because of the sick dog post click here.
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im having one of those “everything is confusing me” days so im gonna lay down seeya

Jul 23 @ 8:16pm + Reblog

i miss dream world why havent they remade dream world for xy i wanna see my shiny audinos sweet dreams someone bribe nintendo for me

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i wanna sleep but i have a ttr time in like 20 minutes. as soon as m time is up im gonna like. pass out on the spot

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im also rly excited for diancie tbh. ive heard a lot of people being all “it looks dumb w/e i dont care” but. its cute… and pretty… and a fairy… and me if i was a pokemon…

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u know what im excited for tho


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merenguy said: 

but do you understand why some people only want kalos born pokemon like :/ my bbs came from colesseum;;

im sorry i. dont understand. probably bc im sleep deprived and sick tbh??? im sorry

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altho idk where my ds lite or original ds are right now either so i guess it doesnt matter if i cant find leaf green since. i’ll need a ds with a gba slot to help me transfer anyway.

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idk where m copy of lead green is rn tho which sucks because i still need to transfer my first dragonite up to xy. thru several, several games. mmmy first dragonite means so much to me since one of my elementary school friends took turns on the bus leveling her up when she was still a dragonair so we could evolve her

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i love the description of some of my old oooold pokemon that i transfered too like… “seems to have traveled across both space and time in order to reach the kalos region from the kanto region” mmmmmm

idc if its remotely useless the move holding hands makes me smile a lot. “the user and an ally hold hands. this makes them very happy” i mean. thats adorable even if i’ll never use it

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